To Do List Incenvitized & Motivated for Android

If  you are a procrastinator, You need an help to solve this problem.

I found useful this app to solve keeping on avoiding completing tasks. IT is To Do List Incentivized and Motivated app for Android

This app is dedicated to all people who are passionate of numbers, ranks and leaderboards. In fact, after the installation of this app, you can login to Google Play Services and read scores and ranks from other users.

When you use this app, you create lists of To Do Tasks. Your lists are not sorted alphabetically but on number of incompleted tasks. So the lists with the greater number of incompleted things are shown higher, and have more visibility.

The lists without any task to do are shown at the bottom of the screen and temporarily disappear when you have plenty of lists in your app.

The key of this app is short click and long click.

When you short click on a list, the list is opened and the list of tasks belonging to that list are shown.

When you long click on a list, the actions are shown: rename the list or delete the list.

When you short click on a task name, the task menu appears: you can mark complete, you can edit the name, you can delete the task and you can even move the task to a different (more appropriate) list.

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