Sagat, Sakura Headline Street Fighter V’s Third Season – News

After the conclusion of this year’s intense Capcom Cup finals, Yoshinori Ono had made an expected announcement: The reveal of the first character for Street Fighter V’s third season. What the audience didn’t expect, however, was they’d get just a bit more than that.

Sakura is the first fighter for the Capcom fighter’s third season, and the initial trailer showed off her skillset, which includes her signature Shunpu Kyaku and Hadoken, as well as her two V-Triggers and what looks like her V-Skill, which has her jumping towards the opponent and looks like it can lead to number of follow-ups.

However, the second trailer, which gave most characters in the cast time to shine, also showed off the entirety of the Season Three casts, which includes the long-rumored return of Sagat. Cody and Blank round out the returning fighters, and they’re joined by Falke and G (my guess? It’s Q from Street Fighter III in a new guise).

The third season begins on January 16, which is also the date Sakura joins the fray.


Our Take
I was already planning on putting a lot of time into Sakura, and then Cody made an appearance…Falke looks cool too. I should play more Juri! I should play some Street Fighter V.

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