Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers: NBA finals Game 3 – live! | Sport

There will be a time in these NBA finals when the shots fall for the Cleveland Cavaliers, their players remember the score and big calls go their way. When that happens the series can start.

Indeed, you would be mistaken if you think the finals are over just because of JR Smith’s blunder in Game 1 or because a blizzard of Stephen Curry three-pointers buried the Cavaliers in Game 2. Yes, the first two games were bad for the Cavaliers but a couple of losses on the road do not end any hope of winning a title. Not yet.

The Warriors are a great offensive machine but the Cavs are the more rugged defensive team. They can knock the Warriors around below the rim, frustrating shooters and making the pretty look ugly. “They’re a team that’s great at home,” Golden State’s Klay Thompson said on Sunday night.

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