Castle Breakout by Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc

Do you like living in castles? I like it very much. And I tell you that living in a castle would be a very exciting experience. Unfortunately it is not possible for all to realize this dream, for this reason it is important to find systems that allow you to immerse yourself in this fantastic reality, with a perfect graphic realism and a compelling game plot. What are we talking about? Read below!

Castle Breakout, with its stunning photo-realistic 3D graphics and engaging set of puzzles, sets the highest new standard for the room-escape genre in 2017.” Some forge steel. Others do battle with swords.

Your task, as a security expert, is to make sure the castle is safe. Test the castle’s updated security system, find the right clues and solve the challenging puzzles in this medieval escape game.

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Cloudburst Games has today launched Castle Breakout
Escape HD, a breakthrough in the “room escape game” genre. Castle Breakout features intricate
photorealistic images, interactive animated animals, challenging puzzles both serious and novice
gamers will enjoy, and an original score of medieval music performed by a classical guitarist.
Castle Breakout is immediately available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS devices with an Apple TV
version coming very soon.
Ideal for masters of the “room escape genre” or those casual gamers who enjoy solving puzzles,
Castle Breakout challenges players to find clues in the right order to escape rooms in a beautiful
yet mysterious castle. The game offers ten unique and gorgeously rendered medieval levels, with
more coming soon, and each level features original medieval music performed and recorded by
classical guitarist Jon Sayles.
“We have had Castle Breakout tested over several months with two hundred beta game-players,
and their input has driven us to create what we hope is a very polished room-escape game,” says
Ron Packard, Jr., CEO of Cloudburst Games. “We seem to have struck a marketing nerve in that
the beta testers seemed to go gaga over the interactive animals, especially when they are part of
the puzzle.”
Here are a couple of those “across the board” comments from beta testers on the animals…
“The animals within this game were amazingly detailed, their graphics made them look so
real. One of the best parts about it, was when I was able to interact with some of them.
The dogs huddled up together sleeping in level 6 was adorable. I was able to click on the tan
dog and it moved a bit as if I tickled it. The bobcat in level 7 was interesting, as I was able to
find a nice piece of meat to distract it with, which was awesome. And the cute little cat in level
8, when I tapped on it, the cat got up from its sleeping spot to reveal a useful pattern of colors,
which was a great display of a clue. It was fun interacting with the animals, as well as
seeing birds fly across the screen in the chapel and at the stable.”, Cinnamon Bernard a 27 year
old female in USA
“This application is excellent representative of its genre. This game can be one of the best game.
Pets bring a lot of fun. Very good functionality. I like the animals are participating in the
gameplay (you need to feed the bobcat, kick away the cat). And the very environment (doves and
dogs) fit perfectly.”, Cyril Krasnobaiev 26 year old male in Ukraine
The gamers’ mission in Castle Breakout is to take on the role of a castle security expert and
outwit the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and
more. There are beautifully animated animals at each level, many of which users must interact
with in order to be able to solve the level and escape the room. By gathering and using these
elements in the right order, they can successfully unlock the door of each castle room and
advance to the next level.
By release date the app will feature a dragon flight ride that is unlocked after winning the game.
The user must solve a riddle that the dragon presents to the user and to earn the fly by
experience. The fly by experience shows the castle grounds and features all the same animals
again in completely different animations. The fly by took a super computer 200 hours to
generate and the graphics are beyond super high quality.
Each level of the game is logical and can be beaten in five minutes or less—ideal for puzzle
solvers that don’t have the time to work through convoluted hour-long challenges. Players will be
able to stop and start at their convenience.
Early reviews of Castle Breakout give high praise to the graphics, music, and challenging game
• “The game is excellent! The graphics are amazing! The music is great! I can’t find a thing
wrong with it other than I want to keep playing it!” Michael Spence, USA
• “Engaging, captivating and challenging!” Andrew Allison, Head of Supply, Europe, Africa
and Middle East,
Game Features:
• 10 thematic puzzle rooms rendered in photo-realistic detail (more coming soon)
• a comic book style intro HD
• Classical guitar music
• Beautiful artwork at each level created by designers who have worked on Hollywood
feature movies
• Video cheats to help players move along should they get stuck